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Car Accident Lawyer

Have you recently sustained injuries in a Greenville, South Carolina, motor vehicle wreck? You may be eligible for compensation if the crash resulted from someone else’s carelessness. You could file an insurance claim seeking compensation for medical bills and other accident-related losses. 

Protecting yourself is crucial when you’re pursuing the money you deserve after a crash. We at Maxey McFarland Law can help. Our Greenville, SC, car accident lawyers can handle your claim so you can focus on healing. Call us at 864-387-8362 to discuss your case today. 

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    Why Choose Maxey McFarland Law? 

    At Maxey McFarland Law, we are dedicated to advocating for those who’ve been harmed by others. Our compassionate and skillful representation has recovered millions of dollars in compensation for our clients. 

    Attorney Will Maxey, a Horry County native and lifelong South Carolinian, has known since law school that his passion was to protect the injured from being taken advantage of by insurance companies and large corporations. He has been an assistant solicitor and a prosecutor and has worked as a personal injury attorney in both large and small firms. Attorney Elizabeth H. McFarland has been a prosecutor in the 7th Judicial District in Spartanburg and has experience in design and construction law and professional negligence as well as in personal injury. 

    Together, these skillful lawyers bring the knowledge and talent of a large firm together with the individualized personal touch and compassion of a small firm. When you work with us, you’re not just another case. 

    Types of Greenville, SC, Auto Accident Cases We Handle 

    In South Carolina, a driver who causes an accident is responsible for the resulting injuries and losses. Determining who caused a motor vehicle crash is crucial because you pursue compensation after a motor vehicle crash in South Carolina by filing a claim with the liable party’s insurance carrier. 

    At Maxey McFarland Law, we’ll gladly take over your case and file those claims for you. We take on a wide range of car accident cases, including: 

    Distracted Driving Crashes 

    According to the National Safety Council (NSC), crashes resulting from distracted driving are on the rise across the nation. This trend likely results from widespread smartphone ownership. 

    You may sustain injuries in a crash through no fault of your own if another motorist isn’t paying attention to the road. Proving that the other driver caused the crash will require evidence. A review of their phone usage data or witness statements saying the other driver was looking at their phone, eating, or daydreaming when the crash occurred can be used to prove distraction. 

    Drunk Driving Wrecks 

    Everyone knows that attempting to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is dangerous. Unfortunately, many people across the country still engage in drunk driving. 

    Holding careless parties accountable after drunk driving wrecks doesn’t only help you by getting you the money you deserve. The drunk motorist’s insurance costs will likely increase if they’re liable for a drunk driving crash. Thus, by filing a claim, you’re deterring them from driving drunk again in the future. This may protect other motorists on the road as a result. 

    Rollover Wrecks 

    A rollover wreck can cause significant injuries. Filing a claim and making a demand for the amount of money you need to cover all your accident-related losses requires care and experience. A seasoned car accident lawyer can calculate your current medical expenses, assess the cost of future care, total your current lost income, and determine the value of future lost wages if you won’t be able to return to work. 

    Securing the compensation you’re eligible for may also require assigning a dollar value to intangible losses like pain and suffering. Your attorney can handle this, too. 


    Don’t assume you can’t get compensation if you don’t know who caused a crash. The police may find the hit-and-run driver. Even if they don’t, your insurance policy’s uninsured motorist coverage can pay for your medical expenses, property damage, and some other losses. If necessary, you can submit your medical expenses through your healthcare insurance. We can help with that. 

    School Bus Crashes 

    School bus crash cases are difficult because they involve numerous potentially liable parties, large vehicles that can cause serious injuries, and young passengers. Determining liability in such a case may be a complex process. Professional legal assistance is valuable in these circumstances. 

    Bicycle Wrecks 

    The injuries you might sustain as a result of a bicycle crash can be severe. Unfortunately, bicycles don’t offer the same protection that enclosed vehicles offer.  

    Your main focus should be on your physical recovery after a bicycle wreck. A Greenville, SC, bicycle accident lawyer can pursue compensation on your behalf while you prioritize getting better. 

    Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Crashes 

    How do you pursue compensation when the negligent party who caused the wreck isn’t insured? Your first option is to use your uninsured motorist insurance policy. If the policy limits aren’t sufficient to cover your losses, filing a lawsuit to seek damages in court could be your next step. 

    Trucking Wrecks 

    Because of their size and weight, which often reaches 80,000 pounds, large commercial vehicles have the potential to cause major injuries when they crash with a smaller passenger vehicle. In a trucking crash case, liable parties may be: 

    • Truckers
    • Trucking companies
    • Truck manufacturers
    • Maintenance teams
    • Cargo loaders
    • Government agencies responsible for maintaining safe roads 

    Your attorney will investigate to identify any and all liable parties. We will also negotiate aggressively for the full amount of compensation you’re eligible to receive. 

    Motorcycle Crashes

    A motorcycle crash is another type of motor vehicle wreck in which you might sustain severe injuries. Motorcycle crashes frequently occur because the drivers of other vehicles don’t keep a proper lookout for these smaller road users. If you were injured in a motorcycle crash caused by someone else, you need an advocate on your side who will fight for the money you deserve and who has experience defeating the ingrained stereotypes of motorcycle riders as reckless drivers. 

    Pedestrian Accidents 

    Sustaining injuries in a pedestrian accident can be a devastating experience. The injuries the human body sustains in a contest with 4,000 pounds of automotive rolling metal can be catastrophic. While you’re healing from those injuries, allow the experienced attorneys from Maxey McFarland Law to take on your case, protect your rights, and pursue the money you need to recover. 

    How Can a Greenville, SC, Car Accident Lawyer Help With Your Case? 

    An attorney can help in many ways when you’re seeking compensation after a motor vehicle wreck in the Greenville area. They include:

    • Reviewing your case – You may have no clear sense of your next steps after a crash. A legal professional can review the basics of your case and explain your rights and options.
    • Identifying liable parties – In some instances, it’s very clear who caused a motor vehicle wreck. That’s not always the case. A lawyer can investigate the crash and determine who was at fault.
    • Gathering evidence – You’ll need to submit evidence to support your claim. Doing so prevents the insurance company from suggesting there’s no proof the insured caused your injuries. Your attorney knows which evidence is necessary to prove liability.
    • Documenting your losses – You also need to submit documentation of your losses when filing a claim. You must demonstrate to the insurance company why you deserve the compensation you’re seeking. A lawyer can help you gather and submit such documentation as medical bills, documentation of lost wages, and more.
    • Estimating compensation – A lawyer can’t ethically promise you will receive a specific sum of money when you resolve your case. However, they can help determine approximately how much compensation you may be eligible to receive.
    • Submitting a claim or filing a lawsuit – Your car accident lawyer in Greenville can confirm all paperwork is complete before submitting a claim. They will also file your lawsuit in a timely manner to protect your right to go to court.
    • Negotiating – It’s not uncommon for an insurance company’s first settlement offers to be too low. If the insurance company doesn’t initially offer a fair settlement, we can negotiate on your behalf. 

    Going to trial may be necessary if an insurer won’t negotiate. Your lawyer can evaluate your options and determine if this is the best choice. 

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    How Long Do I Have to File a Car Wreck Lawsuit in South Carolina? 

    Don’t wait to contact an attorney if you’re thinking about taking legal action after a motor vehicle wreck. In South Carolina, you have three years from the date of a car wreck to take legal action. Failure to file a lawsuit by the deadline will result in the loss of your right to pursue compensation in court. Make sure this doesn’t happen by getting in touch with a lawyer to discuss your options soon. 

    Contact a Greenville, South Carolina, Car Accident Lawyer Today 

    Whether you’re seeking compensation for relatively minor whiplash or major injuries, you need proper representation. At Maxey McFarland Law, a Greenville, SC, car accident lawyer is available to prevent the insurance company from unfairly taking advantage of you. Learn more about how an experienced personal injury lawyer can help with your case by contacting us online or calling us at 864-387-8362 today for a free case review.

    Last Updated: 05-20-2024
    Written By: Will Maxey